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The company’s major goal is to reinforce the needs of its customers for feedstock by offering them high-quality polyolefin at the most affordable costs.

We are able to serve our consumers of petrochemical products effectively through customised business solutions because to our pan-Indian distribution network, customer base, and bulk purchasing capabilities.

We have established a large network of pleased clients across northern and western India thanks to our on-time delivery, quick responses to inquiries, and ethical business methods. We’ve never skimped on the products or services we offer to clients.

Our Story

The company’s committed marketing team gives consumers thorough information about product technical specifications, availability, readiness, right-time supply, freight transportation, logistic support, etc. so they may make informed purchasing decisions. Strong financial standing and expert service,

Our world-class production facility enables us to continually provide customers with top quality products while our R&D group works to improve unique formulas for our chemicals industry.

Natraj is a global production and trade company that specialises in high-quality chemicals and polymers. We have established a solid presence in the market over the years because to our range’s high quality, affordable prices, and on-time delivery schedules.


to give businesses around the world the opportunity to Really go Further with energy

Chemicals and Polymers

that promote their development while adding the

value of exemplary services.


Providing training


Being organised to conform to the guiding principles of the business. incorporating that worldview into their daily lives and work.

Going up

Our fundamental tenet is that everyone should grow, whether they are our clients or our suppliers. However, we place a special emphasis on team growth and go above and beyond to ensure it.


We develop our team members through training, mentoring, and growth so that they are capable of making important decisions and working independently.

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